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Choose a trusted contact who listens to you to guide you in all your choices concerning today's and tomorrow's IT.

Consulting is an area often overlooked when thinking about IT. However, a person with experience in the field is crucial for a result directed towards excellence by avoiding technical and financial worries. A good consultant seems like a superfluous expense at first glance but can save you money in the long run.


Mastering computer tools is not easy when it is necessary to comply with increasingly restrictive and complex security rules.

This is why access to knowledge is essential to the success of your business through training that meets your needs. Whether it's simple office automation, management tools for the IT team or "zero trust" security practices, training may be available to meet your needs.


An infrastructure deserves daily management, maintenance and monitoring. Outsourcing is therefore the appropriate solution.

The monitoring that feeds the outsourcing must be carried out with the greatest care to obtain relevant data that can prevent any problems arising. In addition to outsourcing, preventive visits can be carried out to have an overall view of the state of the computer park and the infrastructure.


The difference with short-term IT and the one that will propel your business is the level of automation of your IT infrastructure.

To obtain an optimized and efficient infrastructure, it is important to integrate automation solutions to exploit the possibilities of IT while limiting operating costs. Automation serves to avoid all repetitive manual tasks of installation and management of a computer park and is also integrated in a perspective of completion of outsourcing.


Fast and reliable hosting is key to the success of your websites and online applications.

A management mastered by an experienced professional allows you to work in peace on your online services rather than worrying about systems to configure and maintain. Beyond reliability, performance is most important for good SEO and a good user experience of your websites.


GILSON Frédéric

System Engineer -
Independent Contractor

IT and new technologies have always been a passion of mine. After having worked in this field during my studies and then for a few years with a major IT player in the Liège and Walloon region, I decided to go freelance. This is an opportunity to realize the dream of following my own path and being able to practice IT according to a modern vision adapted to each situation.

During my years as an employee, I have had to automate the deployment process of the team I was part of. It was a success and so we started to offer this service to our customers. Beyond the deployment, I had set up scripts via a remote management console. This is to undertake actions to resolve breakdowns or change configuration without causing the slightest inconvenience on customer PCs: everything was done transparently. Then other tools were developed, in particular by Microsoft with M365 Intune, and they were integrated into our offer.

Fluid Workplace, it is the continuity of this automation offer by going further in practices to adapt to the specific needs of customers. And, to offer other related services which can either be independent of or complement the automation offer which presents itself as the solution for today's and tomorrow's IT needs.